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Immunotone Plus Herbal Formulation (IMMUNOTHERAPY)

Immunotone Plus is an excellent Immunotherapy for taming cancer without harming normal cells of body. Immunotone Plus is formulated by Sino Vedic Cancer Research Centre using active principles isolated from selected herbs having immunoenhancing property. Immunotone Plus executes its therapeutic effect by complex synergistic interaction among various active principles of these precious herbs.

Immunotone Plus herbal formulation stimulates immune cells of the body to promote production of specific anticancer agents, known as Cytokines (including Interleukins, Interferons, Lymphokines, Monokines, Chemokines, Tumour Necrosis Factors and Colony Stimulating Factors), which induce Immunotherapeutic Response in the body that destroys cancer cells without harming the normal cells of the body.

Immunotone Plus herbal formulation enhances activity of immune cells of the body against cancer and promotes autophagy (process that directs body’s immune cells to identify and destroy cancer cells) by stimulating Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (T cells), Natural Killer cells (NK cells), Lymphokine Activated Killer cells (LAK cells) and Macrophages.

Immunotone Plus herbal formulation also reduces toxic side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy.

Immunotone Plus herbal formulation can be taken alone or along with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or any other treatment.

There are no dietary restrictions or special diet recommendations while taking Immunotone Plus herbal formulation.

Immunotone Plus herbal formulation does not contain bhasmas (heavy metals) or corticosteroids.

Immunotone Plus herbal formulation is dispensed in a sealed bottle containing 30 capsules.

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules two to three times a day.